Wandrd x Disnet limited edition

Wandrd x Disnet limited edition

Wandrd x Disnet limited edition

Wandrd x Disnet limited edition

WANDRD the PRVKE limited edition Disnet grey

The PRVKE bag series has a new addition to the family, the PRVKE X Disnet Grey! The bag has the Disnet grey colours and consists of waterproof tarpaulin, and has all the great features of the original V3 WANDRD PRVKE.

This great bag is available in 11, 21, 31 and 41 litres, and the roll-up top gives you an extra 4 litres of capacity.

The new range came about partly due to the awesome collaboration between Disnet as Distributor, and WANDRD as a great brand on the other side. Thanks guys, you rock.

Wandrd x Disnet limited edition

The WANDRD backpack features many useful extras. The magnetic handles make carrying easy and comfortable and offer the option of tying your jacket underneath. You can easily store your water bottle or travel tripod in a pull-out pocket on the side. Never lose lens caps again by securing them behind the elastic strap attached to the shoulder strap.

Ideal for travelling
There is room for all your accessories and travel essentials in the PRVKE. It is equipped with dedicated pockets for your passport, smartphone, keys and a special storage compartment for batteries and memory cards in the backpack flap. In the spacious front pocket, you can easily put a book, magazines or even a bicycle lock.

New Features V3:

  • Limited Disnet Colourway
  • New organizer pocket at laptop compartment
  • Text on tote-handle 'wander more, worry less' plus stronger magnet
  • Improved carrying comfort in shoulder-straps and backpanel
  • New chest strap (similar to Fernweh)
Wandrd x Disnet limited edition

PRVKE Bundle

Like the other colourways, the Disnet x WANDRD PRVKE comes in different Bundles; so are you looking for a compact bag with built-in Camera Cube, or do you want to climb Eyjafjallajökull with all your telephoto lenses - no problem, we got you covered.

Choose the 11 Litre bag with built-in Camera Cube, or go for an Essential, Deep or Pro Cube for your 21, 31 or 41 litres. In addition, you can expand the set with a Travel Bundle, which comes with hip belt, rainfly rain cover & Accessory Straps. Should you want to tick everything off in one go, go for the Pro or Photo Bundle - then you'll have everything in one kit.

Check below the shops that sell this awesome bag in the Netherlands and Belgium (and far beyond).

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